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22 February 2010

shall switch to wordpress for the time being! since the words here are so small that people have to strain their precious eyes ):



about how she is such an angel in disguise.

oh well well.


weiting said her piece at6:53 PM

18 February 2010

I can officially declare today as one of my most embarrassing day.

Not to mention the fact that i did really stupid things in class and drew strange looking OWL with giraffe spots, (which is super adorable, even lynette agrees! lauboon does not know how to appreciate. humph!), and pretty much drew weird stares and attention when i dashed into the hall when the announcement for noon prayer was loud and booming for us to stop walking, and climbing the stairs without my shoes on, all these are absolutely nothing compared to having your shoe fell off when you are crossing the Zebra crossing.

Round of applause please. it was so embarrassing because the drivers were all staring at this crazy girl trying to retrieve her shoe while holding her laughter and asking her kind friend, miss lauboonyen, to shut up. And it's not my fault that my feet are too small to fit in size 6, and apparently size 5 is just nice for me, but strangely hurt my big toe when i walked. someone please explain this. Its really the right size!!! probably because its a new pair of shoes.
Whatever, i shall just wear it as if i'm weraing Flip Flop. "why hurt my toes when i can spoil my shoes". HAHAHA :D

Its really a tiring and draining day in contrast to my high and crazy mood for the past four days. It just make school life seems even more like hell since holidays are always heaven for me(: Stepping into the campus totally just turn me off completely. Hopefully, my enjoyment during new year will be the source of optimism for me till term 1 ends. THREE MRE TERMS TO O LEVELS.

Geography, Biology and Chinese speech next week. Basic requirement to pass all three is memory work. This weekend ain't looking good...

i shall continue drawing more strange looking owls and dinosaurs tomorrow and giving them moronic names. This is how Tay Weiting survive her school days.

Sometimes i do wonder, will guys be able to stand a tablemate who draw and write weird stuff on their worksheets and notes? and name their rats GAYLOY? If they can't, it will not be a surprise there will be Anti-weiting club in my JC.

goodnight world!

weiting said her piece at12:17 AM

11 February 2010

hello super dead blog.
i am suppose to be sleeping now. since i am so tired and jaded.

but that was the result of me having a life. went ion, taka and far east thrice this week. And did i mention that i have 6 or 7 tests? admire my wonderful time management please (: unfortunately for people who are jealous, i do not have eye bags :D WOOHOO. i actually have at least 5 hours of sleep. i am so proud of weiting.

celebrating Valentine's day tomorrow! very last valentine's day in SN. feel kind of sad actually. People often do not know how to cherish until they lose it. I will miss st nicks friends tons!!! ): shall appreciate my last lesbian valentine tomorrow ): Despite the cruel fact that we have school, lessons, AND CCA tomorrow. A very sweet chinese new year gift for us.

Upon hearing this, i've received replies like "what the hell?!" "what kind of school is st nicks?!" and "are they insane?"

St nicks is a wonderful school which is helping us to develop and groom us into becoming better souls through pushing us to desperate situation until we scold the golden word "fuck."

great for our souls and development indeed.

need to get some sleep now. tired from writing all the valentine's day letters. i am a kind soul as usual(:

goodnight world. i need chocolates to cheer me up tomorrow. lets all grow fat and die.

weiting said her piece at11:45 PM

06 February 2010

Its either i am PMSing,

or i am actually troubled by some UNKNOWN things.

Ms nair and P came back yesterday. Miss them tons and tons and tons.

really love 4 hope for the effort they put in for CNY and total defense. make me feels that we are bonded as a class for once i guess.

i'm kind of resisting the urge to tear. because i have not yet found the reason to.

weiting said her piece at1:14 PM

18 January 2010


haha(: had a great day despite its not my birthday. I get to bask in the happiness! With donuts, cakes and muffins(: despite the muffins being uncook, we got to thank her for the thought. haha. Lynette's sister i mean.

lessons are kind of a bore for today. the morning is practically reserved for mathematics which kinda fried my brain. In addition, we have geography lesson which i almost fell asleep. i was sprawled on the table feeling so bored and wiped out because she is really a bore. and she just said "IS SHE ASLEEP?" which was so embarrassing. i always refused to sleep during teachers' lessons no matter how lethargic or jaded i am because its really disrespectful. but hers... really was the limit. she can't teach for nuts. i rather self study.

had loads of work to do so i better keep this post short(: since my weekend was spent having HTHT with Qiaoer and Yuting(: and i devouted my sunday for Ah mah's birthday. which was really warming to see three generations coming together and celebrate. though we didnt even have space to squeeze through, its a profound moment nevertheless.

Set up a secret blog(: well not exactly a secret i mean. just that no one has the link to it. but if you manage to find it, then well have fun reading it. haha. don't worry the author is tayweiting. so do not get taken aback if the posts there do not sound like what i would write.

only disadvantage about blogger is that you can't post private posts.

happy birthday to all the 18th jan babies!

weiting said her piece at4:26 PM

17 January 2010

Sometimes, i do wonder why i would want to cut myself deeper in the wound knowing that is has yet healed. Its so painful. Maybe leaving the wound bleeding is a form of punishment for myself. I want the scar to be there forever. Because, i know that will serve as the best reminder for me to never believe again. Never Ever.


weiting said her piece at12:29 PM

14 January 2010

I AM SICK! oh such wonder. Its only the second week of school and I'm down with flu, sore throat and headache. wondering how i am actually going to survive another 38 more weeks...

Nevertheless, i was such a good girl and went to school today! (which is a bad choice cos i got to write Chinese speech =.=) Studied for trigo test with xinyi yesterday. We went crazy doing the questions and start rambling nonsense. haha! but it was a nice revision though. Well, at least you know someone also is suffering with you (:

Apparently, my medication took 9 hours so take effect. So i felt really drowsy during the math test. And it lasted till my chinese speech. during bio lesson, Lauboon started going crazy and excited... haha! cos we are learning sexual reproduction. and she seems to be interested in this topic and start spouting dirty stuff. hahaha. had a good laugh though. and the embryo really resemble jelly bean!!!

hopefully my flu will go away soon! hate nasal voice ): and i can't enunciate my words which just get on my nerves. If i don't recover by wednesday, i will start croaking during my audition. haha! I do love the idea of musical for jubilate though. it will be fun! i hope(:


weiting said her piece at4:31 PM

11 January 2010

I NEED TO POST THIS! even though i am suppose to be studying. and i shall make it a good post because i may be reading this 9 months down the road to motivate myself to work hard for O levels!

Anyways, two consecutive yearS producing top scorer of singapore! well done st nicks!

Before i collect my chinese results, i was just so nonchalant and as usual, the "grade-does-not-mean-everything" attitude. i was just hoping to get a C6 so that i won't have to touch chinese in JC. So obviously when miss lee told us we all passed i was just happy and nothing else matters. Until jeanette started crying before we received our results. i was really quite appalled seeing that we have not even received our verdict and that she will definitely waste her tears because SHE WILL SCORE A1 FOR CHINESE! and i was right :D but perhaps its just the tension and anticipation she had.

i obviously could not empathise with all my friends feeling the stress and anticipation until when pearlyn went up to received her results slip. only at that split second, i felt it. the gush and waves of excitement. i could'nt even sms properly. haha! it even took me a few seconds to figure out my results and i couldn't sign properly. i am glad for my grade even though it going to be voided. since i will be betting HCL as my L1 subject. but all the same, i believe there will still be a slight tinge of disappointment if i get an A2 or B3. As much as i believe i need disappointment as a source of motivation for my actual sec four o levels examination, i am nevertheless, grateful for the A1.

seeing the sec fours 09 receiving their results. i can somehow share the happiness, excitment and pain. for some. well it will never be possible for me to step up on the stage to received such loud applaude and cheer because i only take 9subjects... but it does motivate me to work hard!

most importantly, it makes me feel excited about o levels! the aniticpation for your results is just so exhilarating. and being awarded for all your hardwork makes everything worthwhile.

for this very moment, i shall keep this feeling in me, and enjoy the last torturous year in st nicks! aim high! HCJC! VJC! <3


weiting said her piece at5:12 PM

10 January 2010

CCA fair today! tired out... woke up at 6 this morning and almost carried my school bag. haha. sotong me thought it was a friday.

This year cca fair is considered alright considering the fact the our facilities and venues are really undesirable. Many of the Sec fours did not come today, which actually disappoints me. i actually thought that they would cherish their very last CCA fair and at least bother to show their faces as a form of support. Everyone is tired. especially with taxing workload. But still, sec four, no matter how hard it is, will be better than junior college.

we can do it babes!

people are falling sick. and i think my own body can't hold for long. Two tests next week plus homework. i guess this is consider one of our relaxing and honeymoon week. even 5 tests a week is a blessing.

O levels chinese on monday!
i need a c6(:
recalling the examination day, i suppose i had my essay and last compre screwed up.

OHHHH DEBATE ON MONDAY! gotta stay back (:
jiayou debaters!

weiting said her piece at12:02 AM

08 January 2010

not feeling too good at the moment. trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. slightest things can make me smile. i meant. slightest things USED TO be able to make me smile. perhaps sometimes emotions are just not within your control. And i should think that this always play a part in my life. ever since sec three, i had recurring feelings like this. after the experience, i will be a changed person. dont asked me how, dont asked me why. you can call it maturing or whatever you want. i am unsure of it myself.

maybe thats why adults behave differently from children, because things around you changes you. while you learn to adapt, you learn the reality at the same time.

as much as i hate this type of feeling i am having now, i suppose it will do me good.

lessons as usual are just happening and crazy. just dont pay attention and i guess miss poore was quite pissed. BUT HELLO! WE WERE TRYING TO FIXED THE CALCULATOR! whatever it is. binomial theorm is quite boring anyway.

took photos today. i finally figure out why i like to take photographs.
maybe is just self deluding. because photographs can hide one's emotions. just smile at the moment the camera shutter goes "click!" and the happiness will be captured forever. or i should say the seemingly happiness. while others look at the photos, all the can see will be the skin deep happiness. and never ever the real emotions bury deep inside. thats the wonder of photos. or the facade of it.

and i guess looking at photos do lift my mood(: because at least i am smiling.

thanks boon for the marshmallow! they are my lunch):

chionging homework(: (who took this picture?! i didnt take it)

scenery from my seat. if you regard that as scenery.

stuffing markers into lynette's food packaging(:

ALL PINK! credit boon for her pink chewing gum(: and bottle


since we dont have a social life, we need to socialise with soft toys...

chai's head. my body :D

awww... lynette looks as if she is thinking of me! :D

i should tak epart

weiting said her piece at10:48 PM